Highlander Mix-Up Match

Sometime in the near future, ATG's very own madmattd will be participating in an event unlike any other. The Highlander Mix-Up Match is an event where 6 Valve employees, 6 Professional TF2 players and 6 pub players are thrown together to duke it out in a battle royale.

The maps slated to be played include one of everyones favouries, pl_badwater and what ever the heck cp_freight is. The plan is to broadcast the match via SourceTV so we will post that information once we have it.

Follow the discusion on our forums: http://bit.ly/cQvwrL

Edit: Match specifics and streaming options: http://bit.ly/9r7i0T

Edit Edit: Our dedicated stream & chat page: http://bit.ly/ATGhighlander
(don't use spaces in your chat username)

Posted by ATG on 2010-09-01