1 Year Anniversary and Server Changes

Our 1 Year Anniversary is coming up soon so we had another admin meeting. Here is the list of the changes that will be rolled out over the next few days:


  • To celebrate our Anniversary, we are going to be running the "Birthday" mod on our servers for a couple days.
  • Medics now start with a uber/kritz charge at the begining of the round (setup maps only) so they can screw around like the rest of us.
  • We are replacing the Vanilla mod with the Dodgeball mod.
  • Due to the update that is currently underway for Counter Strike: Source, we are going to add a CS:S server.
  • Votekick and Voteban have been added to the servers. This may be revoked in the future because we have alot of admins now. Don't abuse this, guys!
  • Nominate has also been added to the servers.
  • We have changed the Valve hat mod to Custom hat mod due to recent acts by VALVE. (We got duke nukem!)
  • Donors now have access to the !prophunt menu.




  • B-day mod for a couple days
  • Round start ubercharge
  • Dodgeball server
  • CS:S Server
  • Votekick and Voteban
  • Nominate
  • !prophunt menu for donors
  • Custom hats

Posted by ATG on 2010-05-31