Zombie Fortress and Donor Benefits!

So we've added quite a few things to the Zombie Fortress server we run, and most of them were donor benefit items. And well I figured it'd be a good idea to post here just what we put in and what you can expect when you join the server.


First off: We have 2 donor specific benefits on the server:

- Color chat: You can change your chat box text color to be olive, green, team color, yellow, or random.

- Model Color: You can change the color of your player model (there are many colors, and its mainly an overlay)

- Community Sparkle Effect Weapons that turn people into gold statues when you kill them!

- NEW!!! Mann Vs. Machine Robot skins.


Now: If you want these donor benefits (the color chat and model color changer) you must donate a minimum of 5$ to acquire the donor status. 5$ = 1 month of donor status on ATG servers. So if you donate say like 10$, that'll mean you got the donor status for 2 months, if you donate 15$, you get 3 months added on. Donate 5$ one month for a month of donor status, and if you donate halfway through that period, you'll get 2 months tacked on. It's all simple really.


If you have more questions please visit/sign up for the forums and feel free to leave comments. Also feel free to add me, [ATG] SanVich, on steam for more information. I'll gladly help you out when I'm on: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Reddas55

Posted by ATG on 2012-09-17