News from August 2012

Downsizing Zombie Fortress to cut back on costs

Just a heads up to our regular ZF fan base out there, but I have recently talked with Stephen about cutting down on server costs (because we just aren't getting the donations that we need), and with only so much money in reserve, I have asked him about changing the max players allowed on the server at once. This means we would go from a 32-man ZF server down to a 24-man ZF server. Some may not like this idea, other may love it, but it should save us about 8$+ a month. (so now instead of meeting a goal of $45.00 a month, we'll probably need like $35.00 instead...). Now as far as I can tell, the change won't happen until the next billing period (which is like October 1st). So be on the lookout for it.


Have questions or concerns? Join the forums and post in the Team Fortress section, or just add one of the ZF admins on steam (SanVich, Murbuto, Conan, Kaitou).


And just one last bit here: Please, if you like/love our server, consider donating to it. 5$ is the minimum to get donor status, and if enough people donate 5$ each, we can easily cover the server's costs. Not to mention you get some pretty cool donor benefits (purely cosmetic!) to make you stand out in game. Thanks for reading!


~ signed: [ATG] SanVich

Posted by ATG on 2012-09-17

Zombie Fortress and Donor Benefits!

So we've added quite a few things to the Zombie Fortress server we run, and most of them were donor benefit items. And well I figured it'd be a good idea to post here just what we put in and what you can expect when you join the server.


First off: We have 2 donor specific benefits on the server:

- Color chat: You can change your chat box text color to be olive, green, team color, yellow, or random.

- Model Color: You can change the color of your player model (there are many colors, and its mainly an overlay)

- Community Sparkle Effect Weapons that turn people into gold statues when you kill them!

- NEW!!! Mann Vs. Machine Robot skins.


Now: If you want these donor benefits (the color chat and model color changer) you must donate a minimum of 5$ to acquire the donor status. 5$ = 1 month of donor status on ATG servers. So if you donate say like 10$, that'll mean you got the donor status for 2 months, if you donate 15$, you get 3 months added on. Donate 5$ one month for a month of donor status, and if you donate halfway through that period, you'll get 2 months tacked on. It's all simple really.


If you have more questions please visit/sign up for the forums and feel free to leave comments. Also feel free to add me, [ATG] SanVich, on steam for more information. I'll gladly help you out when I'm on:

Posted by ATG on 2012-09-17