News from August 2010

The All Talk Button

We here at ATG feature a separate button for All Talk. That way, you can strategize with your teammates on how to kill someone with the regular talk button, and tell the guy you just killed how awesome it was with a different button. 


You can find it HERE

Posted by ATG on 2010-09-24

Highlander Mix-Up Match

Sometime in the near future, ATG's very own madmattd will be participating in an event unlike any other. The Highlander Mix-Up Match is an event where 6 Valve employees, 6 Professional TF2 players and 6 pub players are thrown together to duke it out in a battle royale.

The maps slated to be played include one of everyones favouries, pl_badwater and what ever the heck cp_freight is. The plan is to broadcast the match via SourceTV so we will post that information once we have it.

Follow the discusion on our forums:

Edit: Match specifics and streaming options:

Edit Edit: Our dedicated stream & chat page:
(don't use spaces in your chat username)

Posted by ATG on 2010-09-01