News from April 2010

1 Year Anniversary and Server Changes

Our 1 Year Anniversary is coming up soon so we had another admin meeting. Here is the list of the changes that will be rolled out over the next few days:


  • To celebrate our Anniversary, we are going to be running the "Birthday" mod on our servers for a couple days.
  • Medics now start with a uber/kritz charge at the begining of the round (setup maps only) so they can screw around like the rest of us.
  • We are replacing the Vanilla mod with the Dodgeball mod.
  • Due to the update that is currently underway for Counter Strike: Source, we are going to add a CS:S server.
  • Votekick and Voteban have been added to the servers. This may be revoked in the future because we have alot of admins now. Don't abuse this, guys!
  • Nominate has also been added to the servers.
  • We have changed the Valve hat mod to Custom hat mod due to recent acts by VALVE. (We got duke nukem!)
  • Donors now have access to the !prophunt menu.




  • B-day mod for a couple days
  • Round start ubercharge
  • Dodgeball server
  • CS:S Server
  • Votekick and Voteban
  • Nominate
  • !prophunt menu for donors
  • Custom hats

Posted by ATG on 2010-05-31

Portal out FREE for Macs and PCs

That's right! Valve is offering Portal for free on steam currently to advertise the new compatibility with Macs. The link to download is

Coming from someone who's played Portal, I was glad I BOUGHT the game. Since you have the chance to get it for free, if you haven't played it yet, I suggest you do so!

I want to thank Pretendica for pointing out this should be posted in the News Section

Posted by ATG on 2010-05-13