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ATG LAN @ Fort Frances Bass Tournament 2010 [CANCELED]

Hey everyone, this is the first time we are attempting a LAN Party. With the opportunity to host it along side of the Fort Frances Bass tournament we thought it would be a good chance to give it a go.

For this year we are gonna be doing Computer gaming only (PC & Mac); as were not very organized at the moment. This will be just a small event to have fun and get the grounds for what to except for next year.

Lan party will be taking event on Friday, July 23 - Saturday July 24 between 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

So if your interested in coming you will be required to bring your own computer (pc or mac) to the event. The following games we are looking at playing together are

If you could email, call, or sign up to our forums to let us know if your attending that would be much appreciated.

Anyone is also welcome to come and check out our custom computers and get advice on safe computing and building your own.

To purchase these games they can be found at for both PC and Mac.

More information will be posted on our forums:

Posted by ATG on 2010-07-02

ATG gets old!


While its technically not until tomorrow, why not start a bit early?

The founders just want to thank everyone who has stuck with us from the start, anyone who has joined along the way and anyone who has just recently joined up as well. This community couldn't have gotten to where it is now with out each and every one of you, and your tremendous support that you have shown us.

TF2 Party mode has been activated on our servers starting now until Sunday.

Posted by ATG on 2010-06-11

1 Year Anniversary and Server Changes

Our 1 Year Anniversary is coming up soon so we had another admin meeting. Here is the list of the changes that will be rolled out over the next few days:


  • To celebrate our Anniversary, we are going to be running the "Birthday" mod on our servers for a couple days.
  • Medics now start with a uber/kritz charge at the begining of the round (setup maps only) so they can screw around like the rest of us.
  • We are replacing the Vanilla mod with the Dodgeball mod.
  • Due to the update that is currently underway for Counter Strike: Source, we are going to add a CS:S server.
  • Votekick and Voteban have been added to the servers. This may be revoked in the future because we have alot of admins now. Don't abuse this, guys!
  • Nominate has also been added to the servers.
  • We have changed the Valve hat mod to Custom hat mod due to recent acts by VALVE. (We got duke nukem!)
  • Donors now have access to the !prophunt menu.




  • B-day mod for a couple days
  • Round start ubercharge
  • Dodgeball server
  • CS:S Server
  • Votekick and Voteban
  • Nominate
  • !prophunt menu for donors
  • Custom hats

Posted by ATG on 2010-05-31

Portal out FREE for Macs and PCs

That's right! Valve is offering Portal for free on steam currently to advertise the new compatibility with Macs. The link to download is

Coming from someone who's played Portal, I was glad I BOUGHT the game. Since you have the chance to get it for free, if you haven't played it yet, I suggest you do so!

I want to thank Pretendica for pointing out this should be posted in the News Section

Posted by ATG on 2010-05-13

Player of the Week!

The Addiction to Gaming Community team is now announcing "Player of the Week"! If you are chosen for player of the week you will receive:


  • Free Donor status on all of our servers for one week!


  • Donor status will give you access to Hats and Class Restrictions will also be turned off!


  • You will also be interviewed by one of the Community Team members.


This interview will be displayed on our home page and in an announcement. We'd like to state that even though anyone is eligible, being more active in the community will grant you a greater chance of success. This includes registering on the forums, playing on many of our servers, and being a whole-hearted good player.

The first player of the week is: Brian... er... Byronthebulb!

We'd like all players selected to include a real-life picture of themselves to include in the interview. If you are uncomfortable with this, please provide us with a copy of your avatar.

Congratulations to the winner and good luck to everyone next week! Hope you're looking forward to reading our first interview!

Posted by ATG on 2010-04-07