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Congrats to Conankun!!!

Say hello and congrats to our newest admin, Conankun. She will be admining on the ZF servers. So, challenge her, see if she will respond with brute force. She has been fully authorized to inflict the maximum amount force when she kicks you.

Posted by ATG on 2011-03-11

Happy Valentine's Day!

We here at ATG want to wish you a happy Valentine's Day and hope that you are enjoying yourself. Be sure to swing by the forums and let everyone know what you're up to today and maybe even spread a little love (ow, ow!). Also, Addiction to Gaming's blog is officially up and running. Check out the first post here: ATG blog.

Much <3.

Posted by ATG on 2011-02-14

Guys vs. Girls 2.0!

ATG is now looking for players to participate in our second Guys vs. Girls match that will be happening some time in February. The exact nature of the match has yet to be decided, but we'll probably be doing things Highlander style. We are especially looking for girls, but guys, do not hesitate to sign up as we can easily switch people in and out during the match.

More information can be found in this thread. If you have any questions or input related to the event, feel free to post them in that thread as well.

Posted by ATG on 2011-01-26

Now taking YOUR ideas!

Despite the fact that the community team here at ATG is made up of immensely creative geniuses, we are now interested in hearing your ideas for community events like contests, raffles, matches, and more. So if you've got something to suggest to make your time here more enjoyable, we encourage you to let us know here.

Posted by ATG on 2011-01-23


Hey there, ATGers. Until further notice, I'll be taking over the news. That means that if it goes too long without being updated, you'll know who to blame--but I'll do my best not to let that happen. Anyway, we'll very soon be taking your ideas for making Addiction to Gaming more fun with things like events and whatnot, so if you've got some, hold onto them until then. Also, keep your eyes peeled for ATG's upcoming blog.


Until next on, ATG.

Posted by ATG on 2011-01-12