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Website and Server Updates

Update: Yesterday I upgraded the server to Ubuntu 14.04 and our host announced hardware upgrades which I've gone through with so the website should be be a bit snappier now.

Over the last few months I’ve been slowly upgrading parts of the website and server.

You can’t tell just from looking at it but a couple weeks ago I launched a completely new version of the website built rebuilt on Laravel 4. We now have a new and improved admin panel to manage the website and donations.

This week I’ve enabled SSL on the main website, forums and bans. The main website and bans are now forcing SSL but it is optional on the forums for the time being because most of the images are being server externally over http and will cause mixed content warnings. There is a new version of phpBB in beta (I’ve got a test install here) and once it is released I should have a way to make the forums work fully over SSL.

A few months ago I switched the webserver from Apache to Nginx which has worked out pretty well so far and in a few weeks Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will be released I’ll be upgrading the server so we will get newer versions of both Nginx and PHP, which both come with some performance improvements.

PS. If you are having problems logging into the forum try clearing your cookies.

Updated by Joe on 2014-04-18

Posted by Joe on 2014-04-10

Raffle Winners

Hey all, SanVich here. We held the raffle last Friday, the 27th of December, and it was quite a blast. We had a big player turn out. Many prizes were given out and many people won. Too many for me to recount who won what. But in the end the unusual, the grand prize, was won by one of our donators: SukaPawnchKitty. So congrats to SukaPawnchKitty! He won an Orbiting Fire Medic's Mountain Cap.

Posted by SanVich on 2014-01-01

The BIG ZF Raffle! (With a GRAND PRIZE!!)

Hey all. This year has been a great one for ZF. We have many new faces, and many of the old sticking around. ZF has always been a place for people to come together and have some good fun. We always need donations to keep the server running, and I strive to make each dollar worth it to the donator.

This year we have a BIG plan in store. An annual raffle with a grand prize:

An unusual hat!

That's right. In addition to special text, class immunity and the new robot mode (not to mention the fact that each penny keeps the server alive to begin with)
you will be entered to the big raffle with chances to win tons of prizes, including the grand prize unusual.

All you have to do is wield donator status at the time of the raffle
(Around December 25-31st)
and you're automatically entered to be drawn for prizes!

Here's a rundown of the rules so far


-Participants must have donator status at the time of the raffle
(December 25-31)

-Prizes include tons of hats, tons of keys, and the grand prize, an unusual hat

-You do not have to be on the ZF server at the time of the raffle, simply being a donator will enroll you in the raffle.

-Everyone has an equal opportinity. Donating 5 dollars or 500 will each give you the same chance.

-If you have any questions, post them here or contact [ATG]Murbuto, [ATG]Sandvichspy or [ATG] Flame from Halo, who is putting on the raffle.

Or go to the ATG ZF Steam group.

Have fun and good luck!

Posted by SanVich on 2013-10-15


Not really. Carry on.


[SanVich Edit] I thought for a split second something cool was happening. :[[[[[[

Posted by Newman on 2013-09-17